Open Positions

Atmospheric Data Scientist

Location: Cambridge, MA or remote

We are seeking a data scientist at the intersection of atmospheric science, meteorology, and remote sensing. This position will be part of our core science and engineering team building foundation models for data assimilation and forecasting. The position will apply machine learning methods on multi-modal atmospheric remote sensing observations to generate high-resolution meteorological datasets for commercial applications. In this role, you will collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of scientists to collect domain specific datasets, train machine learning models, evaluate performance of atmospheric features, and apply the data to commercial applications. Applications of this data include energy forecasting supply/demand, contrail detection, aviation planning, extreme event detection, and more.
Duties and responsibilities
- Analyze and pre-process large datasets from various sources, including satellites, radar, and weather stations.
- Train and experiment with novel ML algorithms and architectures for translating Earth observations to model the Earth’s atmosphere.
- Develop and evaluate metrics to assess the accuracy and interpretability of ML models.
- Collaborate with atmospheric scientists, data scientists, and engineers to translate scientific questions into ML problems and vice versa.
- Communicate complex technical concepts to a diverse audience, including stakeholders and the public, through data visualization and statistics.
- Translate scientific research into commercial products.
- Publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals and present at scientific conferences.
- B.S., M.S, or Ph.D degree in atmospheric science, meteorology, physics, computer science, or related field.
- Experience with atmospheric remote sensing data including geostationary satellite observations, microwave and infrared sounders, lidar, and in-situ observations.
- Proven experience applying machine learning to Earth science data.
- Expertise in statistical analysis, data mining, scientific computing, and high-performance and/or cloud computing.
- Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.
- Passion for atmospheric science and a desire to make a positive impact on the environment.
- Technologies: Python, Xarray, MPI, Zarr, SQL, BigQuery, PyTorch/Tensorflow, Git
What We Offer:
- The opportunity to work on cutting-edge research at the forefront of atmospheric science and Machine Learning.
- A collaborative and stimulating work environment with a team of passionate and talented scientists and engineers.
- Competitive salary + equity and benefits package.
- Flexible work arrangements.
- The chance to make a real difference in the world by contributing to climate solutions and improving weather forecasting.
- Compensation: Salary ($90,000-$120,000) + Equity (0.5-2.5%)
- Benefits: Health, dental, and eye, 401k Retirement options, unlimited PTO, and co-working access.

To apply send your resume, GitHub, and/or relevant publications to: